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KYOKO・ HAYAMA was born in Shimane, Japan. Her hometown, Matsue city, is a medieval castle town nestled along a beautiful lake, rich in Japanese traditional culture. She formally started studying in 2000 and established her own atelier three years later. She has held multiple exhibitions in Hiroshima, Okayama and Shimane. Influenced by her mother’s love of flowers at an early age, she learned to appreciate the seasons and found a strong attachment to flowers, which consequently led to flower arrangement. She was greatly influenced by Mr. Keiichi Hosaka, whose arrangement style can be characterized as “infusing scenery with life by using plants.” Her encounter with Mr. Hosaka led her to express her view of the world with flowers in her own way. Her work is now characterized by “Line and Light”. Today, she manages the flower shop Ange, located in Matsue City, and focuses on custom orders for store displays and weddings. She also teaches floral arranging classes to the public, to further educate about the beauty of flowers. In Kyoko’s words, “I express the light and pathway which leads to a world of fantasy in my artwork.” In her art, she cuts out an instant in her imaginary world and expresses it in her work. According to her, this world is made up of a compilation of feelings, which can be traced back to childhood experience. These include opposite feelings, such as bright feelings of pleasantness, happiness, warmth, kindness, and dark feelings of sadness, loneliness, anxiety, disgust and anger.

She started working with the theme of “Light” in 2006, a time when she wished to forget daily busyness and feel the moment that touches her emotions. She found that the fusion of flower and light, whether the source of light was bright light, soft light or one straight light coming into the darkness, warmed her heart deeply. Another theme that touched her was “Line”. This “Line” could be the profile from a plant or a man-made artifact. A “Line” would lead her way to a world, where depending on the type of light, the flower would have the power to touch her differently. She then recreates the entire space. Her strength lies in creating a “Space” where the flower’s beauty stands out through both “Light” and “Line”. This “Space” is soothing and touches the hearts of those who view it, in the same way that happy old memories of childhood experiences bring back feelings of cuddly warmth, happiness and calm.

< Personal exhibition >


Haru-no-rinbukyoku(Spring Rondo) Exhibition in HIROSHIMA 2007

ほとり~ Hotori “Flower&Lightning” Exhibition in OKAYAMA 2007



花宇宙~hanazora~(Flower spatial) Exhibition in SHIMANE 2015                「F」 Exhibition in NEW YORK 2016                                                        「F」 Exhibition in SHIMANE 2016

< group exhibition >

Cocon Group Exhibition in SHIMANE 2009

Zucca Group Exhibition in SHIMANE 2009
JCAT Group Exhibition in NEW YORK 2016
GOOD ART VILLEGE Exhibition in TOKYO 2016